Sunday, September 25, 2016



I slept 10 hours each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and I could not possibly feel more rested. I can say that I am fully recovered from that overnight last week that messed up my body clock. I am re-charged and ready for what this week brings, which is our first pathophysiology exam. I am not really worried about it because the material is a more in-depth version of A&P with an emphasis on physiologic functions, and I loved A&P!

Nothing new really happened last week. I haven't scheduled any more complex clinicals yet because I had an exam this week and wanted to use the time to study. That is the good thing about complex clinical; you have your preceptor's schedule and you have some choice over what days you will go based on their work schedule. I am trying to double up on weeks that I don't have exams so that I can have more study time on the other weeks.

I booked a mini trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend for the semester's end. It isn't going to be warm when we go so that is a bummer but it will still be a nice getaway. Gotta love Groupon!!! All of my vacations and getaways begin with Groupon because I do not work aside from occasional babysitting. That's another thing worth mentioning. Working in this program, the direct entry program is not designed for people who work. While it is not recommended, that doesn't mean that you cannot do it. I babysit because it is flexible and I can change my schedule from week to week. I would not be able to handle the workload if I worked a regular job, but that's just me. I need my free time because with the intensity of this program, free time keeps me sane. I do have plenty of classmates who do work though and they seem to be doing fine. So it is totally up to you! Make sure you map out your class/work schedule and make space for free time/gym time/sleep if you are considering working while in this program. 

- K.D.

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