Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Rough Patch

Dear Readers,

I am having an extremely tough week so far and it is not even half over. Last night I had my first clinical for complex and it was a night shift. I had difficulty shifting my sleep schedule on Sunday and Monday to account for this and ended up being awake from 10 am Monday through 8 am this morning (Tuesday). I fell asleep in between every single stop only to be awoken by the old, rusty doors at each stop. This morning felt like nighttime and tonight feels like morning. I don't know what you would call the meal I ate during my 1 am break either. I had class at 2 pm today and despite my fatigue, could not fall asleep when I got home this morning to get some rest before class. I was so tired during class that I drank coffee for the first time ever...and I REALLY HATE coffee! Tomorrow is another long day and I will be at school from  9 am-8:30 pm. Then the following day is clinical and the commute back in the afternoon is ridiculous with traffic. I cannot wait until Thursday evening. I am going to watch Netflix and eat pizza and do nothing else!!! So you're actually going to get a chance during your preceptorship to work all different types of hours and get the true experience of what it is like to be a nurse. 

Anyways, now that we have had two complex lectures I can speak more to that. You actually listen to the "lecture" as pre-class prep and mostly everything in class is case studies and activities and games to help you learn the material. This is very different from professional nursing and acute where the class was lecture style only for the most part. There really is no other way to learn the professional and acute material, you just have to find a way to commit it to memory and make sense of it when presented with a patient situation question.

I am so tired and should probably head to bed so I don't look like a zombie tomorrow too!

- K.D.

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