Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First Complex Exam...Check. Oh Yeah...and chronic fatigue!

I did exceptionally well on my first Complex Exam and am thus pleasantly surprised. The class average was also an 85%. We started learning to read EKGs this week and as of now my opinion is that it is insanely difficult. We don't have another exam until November 1st so I am not that worried yet but I am sure the freakout phase will ensue soon. Taking a deep breath is pointless because we take the NCLEX in 3 months! Complex clinical is also going well and I am learning more than I ever could have possibly imagined. Being one on one with a preceptor is an incredible experience because you have their full attention rather than sharing it with 5 other students at the same time. I pick my preceptor's brain like you wouldn't believe and she challenges me to think in different ways. I will totally miss her and the floor that I am on when the semester ends. I will be halfway done with my required hours by next Monday. 12 hour shifts add up really fast, so don't worry about fitting them all in when you get to this point. 

This is our last week of community clinical at site #1. So next week we will begin site #2, which will be in a different type of community setting. For example, if you were in a school the first five weeks you wouldn't be in a school again for the second five weeks. I am ready for a change. We handed in our first take home community exam yesterday. Take home exams are lovely but don't get too excited because they are far and few in between in nursing school. We have a group project for community that we will be working on and presenting to the class at the end of November. Each group will choose a specific population or facility and analyze statistics and put together a care plan geared for the population focus of your choosing. It is very complex and there are a lot of steps involved. We also have to do an individual process recording of any type of community meeting of our choosing. I am searching for a pediatric cancer support group for parents to attend.

Other than that I am still chronically sleep deprived and take naps whenever I get a chance even if its for 5 minutes. Tomorrow I have community clinical from 8-2:30 and then a 7-7 overnight into Friday. Crossing my fingers the neighbors aren't too loud on Friday morning/afternoon. 

- K.D.

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